Crochet Project List 2017

So this year promises to be one full of crochet projects! I already mentioned the Rippled Security Blanket but to start with I need to do a little stash busting, and I have a few projects perfect for the job.
First up on the list is the Pinterest favorite one-square rabbit plush from Studio Knit! It’s basically a single knit square that is strategically sewn and stuffed to create a rabbit. I’ll be doing crochet instead of knit and I have some white I Love This Yarn left over from Liam’s blanket and a spare ball of Yarn Bee in the colorway Biscuit, so a cute bunny is a good way to use that up! It also helps me get back into crocheting after the break I took for my language class.
Next up is two pairs of crib shoes using this pattern from Louise Mac Designs made from the last of the gray and blue yarn for Liam’s blanket. Since they’ll be the super simple and Pin-worthy kimono style they’ll work up quickly and give me a chance to take a break while I work on the blanket. it’s basically a T-shaped piece of fabric that is then sewn into the shape of a shoe, and is too stinkin’ cute for words!
The last major project on the list is these three Christmas stockings from the Bernat Design Studio. I adore the patterns for this! We’ll be doing red instead of blue and switching the snowman for the Santa on the green. It’s another really big project though, so hopefully our annual US trip will knock out the blanket (since it’s three weeks long) and I’ll have four months or so to do these. I’ve proven I can knock out a blanket in two months so I shouldn’t take too long!
Bunny has already gotten to row three so it’s begun! See you guys when the bunny is finished and I begin work on the baby blanket!