Handmade Gifts Speak Volumes

So we just got back last weekend from our trip to the US. We had a beautiful baby shower put on by my mother, aunt, and cousin and while it was very small I was surrounded by my family and with my best friend.

Now, I have two aunts who also practice hand knitting and crochet. One of them gifted us this beautiful and simple blanket made from a cream yarn shot through with gold fiber.

I adore it because she took the time to make this for our son. Handmade items, made with love and care, are something I will never fail to appreciate. Being someone who enjoys making and giving away handmade gifts, I feel they speak volumes to the level of respect and love the giver feels for the receiver. This isn’t to say that store-bought gifts are inferior, but rather that a great deal of time and effort goes into making something by hand that factors in when you get a gift like this.

It took me a month to complete the blanket I made for my little cousin Liam. A lot of hours of stitching went into it, which more than once aggravated my carpal tunnel syndrome and my arthritis. I made it though, because I love and care for my husband’s cousin and his fiancé and I adore their baby boy. They still use it to this day, and never fail to tell me how they appreciate it. When you get a gift like this, you become aware of the love and work that someone else is willing to put in for you.

So when you get a gift that is handmade, please don’t look at the possible flaws or the fact that it’s not bought. Take a moment to reflect on the effort, work, and love that went into making the gift. Appreciate it for the labor of love it is. ❤